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Raspberry Ketone Pills


What Is Inside Those Raspberry Ketone Pills?

Raspberry ketone supplements come mostly as diet pills to be taken orally. If you are wondering what is inside the raspberry ketone pills you may be in for a little bit of surprise. That is because not all raspberry ketone for weight loss are created equal. Although raspberry ketones are the primary fat burning component and the common ingredient in all raspberry ketone weight loss products, each manufacturer juice up their formulations with other ingredients meant to enhance their efficiency and fat burning performance. Others beefed up their diet pills with unnecessary fillers with no fat burning value just to make them look big and justify their price.
One has to consume about 90 pounds of red raspberries to get the same effect that a single dose of a raspberry pill provides. That is because there are just trace quantities of raspberry ketones in raspberry fruits. Fortunately, they can be synthetically prepared in laboratories. In fact all of the raspberry ketone pills which are available today do not use natural extracts from the fruit instead they make use of synthetically prepared ketones supplied by certified laboratories. These synthetics provide the same raspberry ketone effects as the natural extracts and produce no side effects.
Since not all raspberry ketone pills are the same, it is important that you look under the label to determine their ingredients and make sure you are buying a product that will give you the best value for your money.
One of the most popular and fast selling brand is the Raspberry Ketone Max.  It has a unique formulation meant not only to burn fat faster but will also give you tons of other health benefits. If you look under its label, you will notice that it is power packed with other ingredients meant to enhance fat burning as well as rid your body of harmful toxins.
Apart from raspberry ketone, each pill contains:
  • African Mango Seed Extracts – Indigenous to the west coast of Cameroon, the rare African mango also known as Irvingia Gaconensis or Wild Mango produces seeds from where an extract dubbed as IGOB131 is taken. This extract is said to suppress appetite and control your cravings for food.
  • Kale- a headless variety of cabbage that helps in dissolving fat and aid metabolism.
  • Green Tea Extracts – They have been proven to increase energy expenditure which is one of the measures of metabolism. They are also known to have fat oxidation properties.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – long known for its curative properties, apple cider vinegar is also used to cure obesity because it is known to accelerate metabolism.
  • Acai Berry – known to contain anti oxidants that rid our body of harmful toxins.
Together with Raspberry ketone, these power packed ingredients has everything you need
  • to burn fat faster
  • to flush out harmful toxins from your body
  • to suppress appetite and greatly enhance metabolism
  • to fight fatigue.
The best part is you get all these health benefits without need for strenuous exercises or crazy diets.  The product is available not only in the UK, but also in the US, Canada, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Ireland, among others.

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