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Raspberry Ketone Maximum Dosage


Some Information about Raspberry Ketone Maximum Dosage and Some Contraindications

raspberry_keytonesYou may be thinking about taking the Raspberry Ketone Max, the hottest weight loss product in the market nowadays. But you have to check out this brief discussion of raspberry ketone maximum dosage so you will know how much you can take for optimal raspberry ketone weight loss effects, but without causing adverse effects. Raspberry Ketone Max is a weight loss product which has been used by many people already, and it is praised on different countries where it is for sale, such as United States, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, United Arab Emirates, and a whole lot more.
Dr. Oz, a researcher of the different effects of raspberry ketone supplements in our body, advises that a reasonable raspberry ketone maximum dosage would be 200 milligrams a day. As you will see from the label of the Raspberry Ketone Max, one capsule weighs 150 mg, and you are advised to take 1-2 capsules per day, 1-2 times per day. So for a typical day you would take 1-4 capsules. To get near Dr. Oz’s recommendation, you should take just a single capsule per day. That is enough to make weight loss proceed. But if you want to push your luck, then go ahead, take as much as 4 a day; many people have tried that too.
Lisa Lynn has      another piece of advice regarding right raspberry ketone usage. She advises 100 mg during breakfast and another 100 mg during lunch. If with that regimen you still didn’t feel a rise in your metabolic rate, then you can increase your lunchtime dose to 200 mg. She adds that the dosage described here is the recommended maximum. You don’t have to go beyond this dose. Losing weight is good, but you should lose it steadily while also maintaining a regular diet and exercise routine. You just don’t know what will happen when you take too much.
There are people, however, for whom raspberry ketones are contraindicated. Pregnant and lactating women are strongly requested to seek medical advice before they take raspberry ketone capsules. More often than not, they won’t be allowed to take raspberry ketone. Also, anyone whose age is below 18 should seek a doctor’s advice before trying out the product; if allowed, the doctor may recommend a fitting lower dosage according to the age and the body build of the person below 18. Additionally, those who are taking other medicines or who have other medical conditions should seek medical advice first before using the product. People who are allergic to raspberries should definitely not use raspberry ketones.
Now that you know an accurate enough knowledge about raspberry ketone maximum dosage and you have other information at hand, you should seek out the product. You can buy it only from the raspberry ketone official website, not from any other websites or even from stores. That is to ensure that the raspberry ketone that you buy will be 100% safe. Everyone, after all, deserves a good product to help them lose weight if needed.

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