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Raspberry Ketone How it Works


Raspberry Ketone – How it Works


Raspberry Ketone and Weight Loss were never connected up until the raspberry ketone supplement was featured by surgeon and popular TV show host Dr. Mehmet Oz as the “No. 1 Miracle Fat Burner in a Bottle” in his highly rated TV program ‘The Dr. Oz Show’.  Prior to that people really had no idea about the raspberry ketone weight loss formula. People are well aware of the raspberry fruit and its use as food flavoring and scent but never did anyone realize that the aromatic compound known as raspberry ketone which is found in this fruit is a fat burner and a good one at that.
After it was featured by Dr. Oz in his show, raspberry ketone became literally a miracle marketing product more than a miracle fat burner. People were emptying the shelves of health food shops just as fast as their owners can fill them with this amazing product. Even the producers of the Dr. Oz Show were astounded with the profound effect of the show on the sale of the product. They were merely looking to feature something new and novel like any regular TV show. They never imagined that this TV segment will have an extensive reach and following that is so profound that it made the product an overnight marketing success and ultimately the next big thing in weight loss.
Up to now, people still have a murky idea about raspberry ketone – how it works. What they saw and what they heard about it from Dr. Oz in his show was enough to motivate viewers to make a beeline to the nearest health food shops to gobble available raspberry ketones in stores.
But before we join the mad frenzy and join the beelines to the health stores, let us take a closer look at raspberry ketone – how it works. Raspberry Ketone is a natural occurring phenolic compound that can be extracted from red raspberry fruits. It is responsible for producing the distinctive sweet aroma of red raspberries. It is mainly used as food additive as well as in perfumery and cosmetics.
Raspberry ketone – how it works to control body fat is not exactly known. However, based on animal studies, it was shown that Raspberry ketone weight loss capability is tied to its ability to regulate adiponectin, a protein that controls the metabolism of our body. Raspberry ketone induces the secretion of more adiponectin resulting in high levels of adiponectin in the blood. The high level of adiponectin results in the processing of more sugar and fat present in the blood thus lowering the glucose level. In a snap shot, Raspberry ketone helps break down body fat more effectively by inducing the body to secrete more adiponectin, thus hastening metabolism.
Japanese researchers were the first to study Raspberry ketone supplements in 2005 and they found out the supplement help break up fat cells thus preventing obesity. They also discovered that the use of the supplement improved ‘fatty liver conditions. Korean researchers in turn picked up where their Japanese counterparts left off and focused on the impact of raspberry ketone supplement on adiponectin. Their study further fortified their belief that Raspberry ketone supplements indeed burn the stored fat in our bodies.

How does Raspberry Ketone work?