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Lose Weight For Good in a Natural Way

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Lose Weight For Good in a Natural Way

Submitted by: Dr. Carri A. Drzyzga

Most people know how hard it is to lose weight, but the truth is that it is harder to keep the weight off once you have lost it. It has been proven that many people try more than one diet per year. While they are on it, they follow a strict eating plan that truly helps them lose some weight in a short period of time, however, once the diet is over and they can go back to eating ?normally?, they gain all the weight back, and even more of it.

Several research studies have shown that fat cells, when deprived of food, grow faster because they react by grasping to the fat once you start the diet, and as soon as you finish it, the fat growth speeds up, as a result. These diets interfere with your metabolism because your body is being starved of nutrients, so it shuts off its ability to burn calories, making it more difficult, within time, to get rid of the excess weight.

This makes it very clear; diets do not work. So, if you are overweight and need to lose several pounds to feel your best, what can you do, if not start a diet? Are you willing to give up on yourself just because you have tried every diet out there and nothing works? Simply put, NEVER.

Permanent weight loss is possible; nevertheless, it must be approached from a very different mindset. If your desire is to lose that excess weight for good, take your attention away from dieting and concentrate your efforts on moving into a healthy and fit lifestyle, one that will get rid of not only that digestive problem, but also the joint pain, the difficulty breathing, and even sleeping. As soon as you begin, you will start living the benefits a healthy lifestyle provides, and to help you get started, here are some easy to follow tips:

1. Begin eating smaller meals throughout the day. In this way, you will not be deprived, will always feel full, and you will encourage your metabolism to work at full speed.

2. Stop thinking about dieting and start thinking about eating healthy. Prefer whole grains, low-fat milk, fresh fruits and lots of vegetables. Limit your caffeine and sugar intake as much as possible, and stop smoking, if you do.

3. Get into daily exercise. Start slow, with activities that you enjoy, and at least three times a week. Remember that rest is also important, but try to bump your routine up as your resistance improves.

4. Stay motivated. This is a conscious activity. Motivation does not come automatically, it must be practiced and encouraged every day, until it becomes a habit. Find an exercise partner; establish accomplishable goals and reward yourself as you meet them. Feel good by knowing that you are doing something awesome for yourself.

Remember that it is also important to consult your physician when experiencing symptoms that have become chronic, like fatigue or pain. There is an excellent Ottawa wellness center that treats such symptoms through holistic methods.

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About the Author: Dr. Carri A. Drzyzga is an Ottawa chiropractor and natural medicine practitioner who is devoted to helping people live longer, healthier lives. You will find great articles on wellness solutions in her blog at www.theoutsourcingcompany.com/totalwellness/blog

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