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Does Raspberry Ketone Really Work


Does Raspberry Ketone Really Work?


raspberry_ketones_max_reviewsDespite the frenzied interest and the mad rush to get a hold of what Dr. Mehmet Oz boldly proclaimed as the ‘The Miracle Fat burner in a Bottle’, the more cautious albeit the ‘devil’s advocates’ are want to ask – Does Raspberry Ketone really work?
To be fair and square about it, we have to take out all the hype about this miracle product as well as all base less criticisms against raspberry ketone usage and take a more objective view of this so called miracle fat burner.
The truth is so far there are only two scientific studies that were made specifically to investigate the fat burning properties of raspberry ketone. Both of them involved the use of laboratory animals (particularly mice) and both of them are too limited in scope to satisfy the interests of the more scholarly raspberry ketone weight loss critics. These critics would not settle for less than extensive placebo controlled studies of raspberry ketone and weight loss on humans.
But no matter how limited they may be, the two studies (one by Japanese researchers and the other by Koreans) never the less confirmed the fat burning properties of raspberry ketone (at least on mice). The Japanese researchers established the fact that raspberry ketone supplement worked by breaking up the fat cells thus preventing obesity. The Korean researchers picked up from where the Japanese left off and investigated further on the impact of raspberry ketone on adinopectin – the hormone that regulates our metabolism. They discovered that the intake of raspberry ketone supplements resulted in the burning of mores stored fats.
However, as again the raspberry ketone critics will point out, raspberry ketone works on mice but does raspberry ketone really work…this time on people? We actually cannot blame them especially after the fiasco they’ve seen with acai berry another supplement which was initially popular and extremely hyped only to turn out a complete disappointment to everyone.
“Who cares” seems to be the valiant attitude of the hordes of people who emptied the shelves of health food stores all over the country and stack up on this so-called ‘miracle fat burner’ immediately after Dr. Oz featured it in his health show. Apparently, it is enough for them that the two studies gave a promised cure for obesity and control of excessive weight gain. It is enough for them that the FDA has included this wonder supplement in its list of Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) substances and that it has no known side effects. To them, what matters is that they now have a promising cure that can possibly replace all the ineffectual weight loss supplements and exercise regimen they have spent time and money on for the past years.
The question, yet remains – Does raspberry ketone really work? Well, according to an old adage – ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating!” One mommy blogger belonging to the BlogHer network happened to watch Dr. Oz’s show when he featured Raspberry ketone in his show. Despite having developed a disdain for the health show host through the years, and despite being one who doesn’t believe in fast fixes (by her own admission), the mommy blogger who goes by the name of Karen aka ‘cooking with Kary’ went according to the old adage and decided to try Raspberry ketone herself and lost some pounds.
Her raspberry ketone adventure is worth following just as it is worth the time and effort to sift through the numerous testimonials published in various blogs and forums attesting to the fact that Raspberry ketone indeed worked for them. It is not the studies that count to prove that Raspberry Ketone weight loss is as real as it can be but the success stories of legions of raspberry users all over the world who’d swear that indeed this product worked for them.

Is Raspberry Ketone Safe and Effective?